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DOMINION NATIONAL IS A LEADING INSURER AND ADMINISTRATOR OF DENTAL AND VISION BENEFITS. We seek a better way to serve you, so you can focus on what makes you extraordinary and fulfilled.

If a Select Plan member wants to change his or her dental office, he or she may do so at any time by email, calling our Service Center (888.518.5338) or writing to our administrative office. If notification is received by Dominion on or before the 20th of the month the change will be effective on the first of the following month. All outstanding bills with the current dental office MUST be paid before the change will be made effective.

Note that ePPO and Discount Program subscribers must use a participating dentist, but do not need to choose a dental office. 

Note that PPO subscribers do not need to choose a dental office and may receive their dental care from any licensed dentist. However, for maximum benefits at the lowest cost, members should visit a participating Dominion dentist.